Hair Wefting Tape Strongest Holding Double Sided Hair Extension Tape




Hair wefting tape is our specialty double-sided 1/2" x 3 Yard tape is the best and strongest wefting tape on the market today!

It is an all-purpose custom-made tape with our long-lasting superior hold! it's our bonding wefting double-sided two-in-one tape. It is just like our long-lasting but better because it will be in strips and lay flat, It has the same great strength hold and is used to make your own seamless hair weft extensions and used as a multi-use extension tape as a reinstall tape or to cover your pre-made hair extension and it is hypoallergenic the strongest tape we offer.

New customers that are not sure questions:

What is the difference between wefting tape and the other double-sided tapes?

WEFTING TAPE:  it's used to make your own seamless weft/meaning cutting off an already-made machine-wefted hair extension and making it seamless and thin.

Why does it say multi-use? because our customers love the strength and long-term hold of our wefting tape.  

Maximum hold tape is used as a reinstall tape or to cover an already made or premade hair wefting extension.

Professional Use Only  Never apply this adhesive glue to your own hair or scalp 

Important: All our beauty products are for professional use only! and any application should be done by a licensed hair cosmetologist and hair extension professional.

When using any product we offer for sale, we ask you to always do a skin test before any type of use.

      • Perfect for making a seamless hair weft extension that is super-strong holding (using the sandwiched method )
      • Great long-lasting hold to use over a machine weft and hand-tied hair extensions for a no-mess takedown.
      • Our hair wefting tape is Double-Sided and is the most aggressive longest-lasting adhesive tape.
      • No other hair extension tape is made with two different adhesives for a longer stronger hold. This means our Tape is made of two different adhesives: The inside when you roll it out is our seamless pro tape and the outside that attaches to your hair is our long-lasting tape, either way, you get the very best hair extension tape and you could even flip it around if you like, many customers tell us they have and love the fact its made this way so they can do just that! Either side will work it all just depends on how you like to apply it to your hair.
      Tips and Tricks


      1. Most importantly always make a test weft before making many wefts, it's best to understand on your first test weft if it is what you like, and really important to make sure you use plenty of product when creating your hair weft extensions, also making sure you are ok with the single side as a weft not just as a backing for some customers our tape may have to much shine for fine thin hair weft install. Our single side is best for underneath as a backing.