Hair Extension wefting Kit #2

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Hair Extension Kit #2 is a simple get started so there is no searching necessary, it's a fast simple! these are the simple supplies needed for making a seamless hair weft extension.

If you would like to add two rolls of single side and two rolls of hair wefting tape please purchase Kit # 3  

Our hair wefting tape is also used for re-installs or you can trim down and cover what you have already!


(1) Roll hair wefting tape 1/2 x 3 yards

(1) Liquid Gold Bond is a weave adhesive

(1) C-22 C-22 Citrus Hair Extension Tape Remover

(1) Seamless Pro Extreme hold Single-Sided Hair Extension Tape 1/2" x 3 Yards

Hair wefting tape 1/2" x 3 yard is our strongest-holding double-sided best selling hair extension tape it's an all-purpose bonding / wefting tape, used for all your hair extension needs. 

NEW AND IMPROVED Seamless Pro Extreme hold tape is now made to be very clear, non-matte, our new SP is now made to be see-through so any color hair will look like the color of your hair.

1oz-size tube Liquid Gold Bond is a weave adhesive glue used for bonding hair extensions. The adhesive now has a brand new applicator tip and tube that really makes using liquid gold bond a weave and a pleasure. This new applicator is easy to use - just squeeze and close, no more stringy mess.  

Liquid gold glue is a firm holding invisible liquid bond adhesive for hair extension. It's the strongest hair glue on the market today. This hair bonding product dries clear and holds firmly without flaking. Oil resistant and long lasting. 

C-22 Solvent remover is one of our strongest and most popular hair extension removers.
A fast-acting very powerful citrus solvent for scalp and all hair systems. C-22 remover removes tape and glue very quickly. 

Best to use a clarifying shampoo and warm water after application to rinse off residue and it can take 2-3 times washing to really get all the oils out.  4 oz spray bottle. 

Important: when using any product we offer for sale, we ask you always do a skin test prior to installation.

This specialty tape is very unique because it's two tapes in one, meaning it's only millimeters in thickness and utilizes two different adhesives for a longer stronger hold time. Our tape is the only tape ever made for all your hair extension needs, NO other hair extension tape on the market today can compare as we are the only makers of our super strong holding, double-sided hair extension tape:

  • Perfect for making a seamless hair weft extension that is super-strong holding (using the sandwiched method )

  • Great hold to use over a machine weft and hand-tied hair extensions for a no-mess takedown.

  • Our new hair wefting tape is our Double-Sided most aggressive adhesive tape.

  • No other hair extension tape is made with two different adhesives for a longer stronger hold.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call anytime as we are always happy to help!

Our SP single side tape can change everything that has to do with making your own seamless hair weft extensions because now you can buy your own virgin hair or wefted hair to make your own seamless extension. Our single-side tape is a clear tape, super soft not hard or scratchy and will look just like the hair you're using to make your extensions. 

This exciting new tape application is perfect for all of your single-side hair extension needs. This utilizes our triple-stick aggressive-holding hair extension tape; you can be assured this tape will not slip if you're using it as a backing for the sandwich method install. It's also great if you are applying it to a pre-made hair extension.

No more just covering wefts with small tiny tape tabs: Our single-sided tape cut to any length and you choose the width and can cover your wefts with ease! Best to be installed underneath the hair not on the outside for 

For best results, and you have fine - thin hair it should be installed underneath the hair as a backing, not on top/outside of your weft. If your making a weft please always use low heat-100-140 when pressing tape together like we show in our videos.

If you're making a seamless hair weft extension you must use our HairWeftingTape on one side, add  Liquid Gold Bond A-Weave to the tape and over the hair, and then add our single-side tape on top, pressing them together to make a single-side hair weft extension. Free Tutorial available on how to make a hair weft extension can be found here. 

Important: when using any product we offer for sale, we ask you always do a skin test prior to installation.


REMOVER TIPS AND TRICKS: PLEASE USE C-22  and always have 99% alcohol for the hard to remove bonds, just dab a Q-tip on your weft as you are removing. This will help with a faster removal process.


If you like, you can heat up your taped-in hair extensions.


By heating up your tape a little it will help the tape expand and then shrink onto the hair: by doing this it should give you a longer stronger holding bond.

When doing an install, do not wash your hair for at least 2 full days, and do not use conditioners right on your wefts. It's best to not use any conditioners that are oil-based or keratin-based as these will loosen up your tape.

Important: when using any product we offer for sale, we ask you always do a skin test prior to installation.