Tips for removal of any hair extension when using tape or  Liquid gold glue adhesive!
Your hair should be wet never dry when doing a take down.
Best to always use warm to hot water first while doing a takedown
because it will loosen the adhesive on your tape and glue.
Hair Extension Removers
When using hair extension remover like C-22 or Super Solv 
Just spray your remover on your wefts top and underneath let sit for at least 15 min or longer 
repeat adding a tiny bit of spray on each extension weft while waiting and water at the same time.
While waiting for the water and remover to start to work you can rub with your fingers in a circular motion to really get the remover to loosen the glue and keep combing in short strokes gingerly all the way down the hair shaft and then wash that section with it with your moisturizing shampoo and then condition and then take that  section and pin away from the other hair until you are done.  
You might even keep it wet and conditioned while your doing the other part of your hair
Then move on to the next section and so on ..until removed and it feels clean ..
Keep repeating this processes until it slides out.
If you have a problem and its still stuck or not coming off like you want
Q-tip is great to have because you can just dab a bit of either 99% alcohol or pure acetone if that's all you have onto the tape keeping in mind you do NOT want this on your scalp because it can be very harsh and may burn so with that said do not spray it on or using a lot just a tiny dab where it really is just stuck on and do not pull, alway just go very slow.
Tip: Heating your tape while installing the sandwich method 
If you like, you can heat up your taped-in hair extensions using a blow dryer and then squeeze them together. 
A flat iron to heat your hair extension is not recommend.
Why? due to it being to hot and can harm the tape or single side backing and the truth is that it can it melt any adhesive that is on your tape in the first place. 
Something most tape companies won’t tell you because if they do fall out you will come back for more. Just the facts and being honest.
WHY? by heating up your tape a little it will help the tape adhesive expand and then shrink onto the hair. By doing this it should give you a longer stronger holding bond.
When doing an install, do not wash your hair for at least 2 full days, and do not use conditioners right on your wefts because it can loosen your tape quicker. It’s best to not use any conditioners that are oil-based or keratin-based as these will loosen up your tape. If you can find a conditioner that is not oil based or keratin in it then a few times a week shouldn’t be a problem. Just not everyday!
Application Ideas for Fine Thin hair 
Never apply Beta bond Plus to your own hair as a install method, it should only be used for making hair weft extensions.
For best results, and you have fine single sided tape should be installed underneath your hair because no matter how matte a single side tape is it can shine through very fine thin hair.
Making a seamless hair weft extension using our (HAIRWEFTINGTAPE)
If you want to heat your weft once it is made like we show in our videos please always use low heat-100-or less.
Then while pressing or tapping softly your weft together you won't damage your tapes or white tape backing or your single side backing because heat can burn it and melt the single side tape and you don’t want to make a weft only to burn it using way to hot of a flat iron.
You can always use a blow dryer if you like that will work just as well.
Seamless Pro Extreme Hold Single Side Tape 1/2 x 3 yards or 5/16” x 3 yards 
Can you make your own single-side hair extension tape YES
Can I use it as a backing instead of tiny single side tape tabs YES
We made this tape so you could use it as a backing for the sandwich method install and it is perfect for your home made hair extension or you can use it to make your own clip-in hair extensions or secret wire hair extensions or Halo hair extensions. It's also great if you are applying it to a pre-made hair extension. No need for tiny tape tabs using our single side is better because its more tape more hold no slipping or falling out because the tabs are just not enough adhesive to keep a great hold.
If you ever have any questions or problems,
please feel free to call us Phone:1-805-518-1237 anytime!
Important: when using any product we offer for sale, we ask you always do a skin test prior to installation.