This is a medical irrigation syringe called the Monoject 412. It has a long, skinny snout that puts a teeny tiny line of Ultra-Hold adhesive sealer that doesn't get messy, even on a single micro weft. They're also great for quick repairs with Liquid Gold Bond bond a weave.

Action Adhesive Remover Benefits:

  • Fast Acting
  • 100% organic Lanolin oil to help soothe skin
  • Fastest-working skin-safe solvent 
  • Less oily, which makes cleanup process easier
  • And once you have washed and clarified your hair you can achieve a nice secure attachment
Tips and Tricks

Tips for hair extensions removal or takedowns 

It's best to use a clarifying shampoo and warm water: this is key!

After you apply your remover to your tape you should rinse off excess residue and it can take 2-3 times washing to really get all the oils out.  

Important: When using any product we offer for sale, we ask you to always do a skin test prior to installation.