Our Hair Extension tape Collection Information

HAIR WEFTING TAPE is our strongest double-sided tape that was crafted with two different adhesives to make our multi-use hair extension tape. The inside of our HWT is different than the outside that attaches to your hair.

Our Hair wefting tape is sold worldwide for over 14 years now and our customers love it because they can make there own seamless tape-in hair weft extensions. There is no other tape available that can be used for this method!

It's also perfect for all your hair extension re-install replacement tape needs. Our wefting tape is the strongest bonding hair extension tape and is unlike any other hair tape on the market today!

SEAMLESS PRO EXTREME HOLD is our single-sided hair extension tape which we now manufacture in 3-yard rolls, Seamless Pro is the strongest single-side hair tape on the market today, and it is our most aggressive bonding hair tape and our best-selling single-side hair extension tape. 

SEAMLESS PRO EXTREME HOLD double-sided hair extension tape and it is the most aggressive thin line tape we offer to date. Many love our SP single-sided extreme hold and asked us to make it as a double-sided hair tape and now it's here and when using them together you would get a triple stick extreme hold hair extension tape install. Important! this is not for a short term install.

HAIR WEFTING TAPE HAIR EXTENSION KIT'S is our newest addition to our collection as requested from our customers it's a quick way to just get started so there is no searching necessary, it's a fast simple.

Long-Lasting Salon Bond™ Tabs 60pc. 5/16" x 1-1/2" our double-sided hair extension tape tabs have been our customer's top-selling product for over 10 years now. If you need pre-cut and simple our double-sided hair extension replacement tape tabs are for you and your hair salon.

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