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is our strongest specialty long lasting two in one double-sided specialty hair wefting tape. It's our multi-use hair extension tape sold worldwide for over 10 years! There is no other tape available that can be used for making your own seamless hair weft extension it's the perfect tape for this application method.

  • Used for all your hair extension needs.
  • Used to make seamless flat to your head hair weft extensions using human hair cut ponytail.
  • Used to cover your Pre-made machine wefted hair extensions
  • Used as a Re-attachment tape
  • Hold time is 8-14 weeks depending on use and washings




is our most aggressive holding double-sided hair extension tape we have ever created in the 13 years of being in business. This tape is also two tapes in one, meaning it's only millimeters in thickness just like our original long-lasting wefting but this new tape if you want a super long and most the aggressive long term in-stall this tape can do the job!

We do advise when using any of our tapes that after 2-3 months of any install you should re-due your install depending on hair growth. And we know that every person is different when it comes to hold time due to oils in the hair, so different tapes stay better for some but it's always best to do a test of each tape to see what works for you. Meaning some customers just prefer super strong hold and nothing more! 

 Used for all your hair needs and for those that do not want a thin tape for just re-applications.

  • Perfect for making a seamless hair weft extension that is super-strong and the most aggressive holding for long term installs (using the sandwiched method )
  • Great to use over a machine weft and hand-tied hair extensions.
  • Used for all your hair needs and for those that do not want a thin tape for just re-applications.
  • There is no other hair extension tape that is made just for wefting and for all your hair extension needs. 


is our double-sided hair extension tape is the most aggressive thin line tape we offer to date. Many love our SP single sided extreme hold and asked us to make it as a double-sided hair tape and now it's here and when using them together you would get a triple stick extreme hold hair extension tape install. Important! this is not for a short term install.

  • Used for all your hair extension needs.
  • Perfect for your sandwich method installs. 
  • Great hold to use over a machine weft and hand-tied hair extensions
  • It's also a medical grade adhesive
  • Hair extension replacement tape
  • Hold time 8 -14-weeks even longer depending on how often you wash your hair
  • Do not use keratin or oil-based conditioners or shampoos as these will loosen your bond.

SEAMLESS PRO SINGLE SIDE™ Hair extension tape

is our single-sided hair extension tape which we now manufacture as a roll. Seamless Pro   is the strongest single-side hair tape on the market today, and it is our most aggressive bonding hair tape and our best-selling single-side hair extension tape. 

  • Used for all your hair extension needs.
  • Used as a backing when installing the sandwich method.
  • Used to cover your double-sided hair extension weft from behind and or on top
  • Used to make your own single side seamless hair extension
  • Used as a Re-attachment or replacement tape
  • Hold time is 8-14 weeks depending on use and washings
  • Used to make your own clip-in hair extensions

Please see our new free How-to Make Your Own Single Sided Hair Weft Extension


 Patch Test Recommendations

We want everyone of our customers to have a great experience when using our products. Please always do a tape test on your customers skin over night before a applying. If no irritation shows then you can use these products without worry. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime as we are always happy to help!