Super Solv Hair Extension Remover



It is our newest skin-safe 4 oz trigger spray remover. It's very strong yet gentle enough for all your hair extension removal needs. It is great when removing any Beta Bond plus adhesive and it's perfect for removing tape tab's extensions.

It has a very nice fresh scent and it's gentle enough for lace front wigs. It is used in the medical field and cosmetics makeup industries because it is safe and effective on sensitive skin. We have used this a really love how it's a non-oily type of remover.



    • Spray on the adhesive to the taped area and then wait for at least one minute to rub both sides of your double-sided tape with your fingertips and add a little more depending on the adhesive build-up.
    • Gently wipe off the residue when you can and always use warm water as that always helps speed up the removal process. 
    • Use a clarifying shampoo then rinse and repeat a few times until it feels residue-free. 
    Tips and Tricks

    Tips for hair extensions removal or takedowns 

    For removal it's best to use a clarifying shampoo and warm water: this is key!

    After you apply your remover you should rinse off excess residue and it can take 2-3 times washing to really get all the oils out.