Seamless Pro Hair Wefting Tape Kit Two



We are now offering our safest hair-extension wefting kit that's made with skin-safe acrylic adhesive. It dries clear, is non-toxic, non-latex based - and another big plus: it's non-flammable. Easy to breathe!

When using Beta Bond Plus and Super Solv remover along with our own Hair wefting tape, rest assured all three of these products together you will be able to make your own hair extension or just use this product to re-tape your hair extensions that were already made. We are the exclusive worldwide source for these kits! 


A blow-drier is a must when using this adhesive to make your own tape-in seamless hair weft extensions.

Please follow our free tutorial on how to make your own tape-in hair extensions using our newest products!

Quick tips !

Directions using Beta Bond Plus glue for making hair extensions

  1. Add Beta Bond Plus glue to your tape. A small line across usually works quite well. Spread it evenly across the width of the tape.
  2. Set your blow drier to slow low heat for about 15-20 seconds.
  3. When it starts looking clear, that's when you want to start adding the hair or machine weft hair to your tape.
  4. Add a bit more adhesive before adding your top tape just before closing to complete your hair weft.

Tape to your own hair/head installs:

  1. Pull the white backing off your pre-made taped hair extension/weft and add the Beta Bond Plus glue to your tape. Again, a small line across works quite well;
  2. Heat it up until it starts to turn clear, then press and hold in place at the location you want to install it on your head/hair for at least 10 seconds. Depending on the humidity or temperature simply hold it in place until it feels secure. You can use a low-heat setting on your blow drier if needed to secure it.

This is a perfect quick fix for all your hair extension needs! Just dab on the tape using your finger, then quickly blow dry it for 10 seconds will lock in the hold.

Note: Wash your fingers with warm water and a bit of soap - it should clean up nicely. 

Takedown (uninstall) tip: Always use the warmest water when doing a takedown it really does help remove any adhesive faster.

Differences between Liquid Gold glue and Beta Bond Plus adhesives 

Beta Bond Plus is thinner, and white in color until it dries and turns clear. It also does not have an intense smell like Liquid Gold Bond A Weave, however, it does have an odor more like Elmer's glue – that, we CAN DEAL WITH while doing our hair!

Beta Bond Plus can be used for all your hair extension needs.

  • Perfect for making a seamless hair weft extension that is super-strong.
  • Great to add to the tape when making a weft using machine-weft hair or hand-tied hair extensions.
Tips and Tricks


  1. If you like, you can heat up your sandwiched taped-in hair extensions. WHY? Heating up your tape a little, will help the tape expand and then shrink onto the hair. Doing this will give you a super strong holding bond.
  2. When you are done doing an install, do not wash your hair for at least 2 full days, and do not use conditioners on your wefts immediately after.
  3. It's best not to use any conditioners that are oil-based or keratin-based conditioners that can loosen up your tap directly on your new wefts.

Important: When using any product we offer for sale, we ask you to always do a skin test prior to installation.


If you have any questions please feel free to email or call anytime as we are always happy to help!