Seamless Pro Double Sided Hair Extension Tape



Seamless Pro Extreme Hold 5/16" x 3 Yards is our double-sided hair extension tape because it is the most aggressive and long-lasting. Used as a re-install for premade to this size hair extensions. Do not use a flat iron to heat once installed. Just finger pressure is all you need. 

Also, many of our customers love our Seamless Pro single-sided extreme hold tape so they can use it as a backing and ours comes on a roll.

  • New customers that are not sure questions:

    What is the difference between wefting tape and the other double-sided tapes?

    WEFTING TAPE:  it's used to make your own seamless weft/meaning cutting off an already-made machine-weft hair extension and making it seamless and thin.

    Why does it say multi-use? because our customers love the strength and long-term hold of our wefting tape.  

    MAXIMUM HOLD tape is used as a reinstall tape or to cover an already made or premade hair wefting extension.

  • Professional Use Only  

  • Never apply this adhesive glue to your own hair or scalp 

    Important: All our beauty products are for professional use only! and any application should be done by a licensed hair cosmetologist and hair extension professional.

    When using any product we offer for sale, we ask you to always do a skin test before any type of use.

Please follow our free tutorial on how to make your own tape-in hair extensions using our newest products!


Used for all your hair extension needs.

Perfect for your sandwich method installs.

Great to close a weft by adding it on the top when making your own hair extensions. This way water can never seep in when showering.

It's also a medical-grade adhesive

Hair extension replacement tape

Hold time 8 -10 weeks even longer depending on how often you wash your hair

Do not use keratin or oil-based conditioners or shampoos as these will loosen your bond.

Also used as a top cover for DIY seamless hair weft extensions please see our videos.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call anytime as we are always happy to help! Email:


This is not used to make your own hair weft extensions only our wefting tape can be used to do that. 

Tips and Tricks

Tips for hair extensions removal or takedowns 

For removal it's best to use a clarifying shampoo and warm water: this is key!

After you apply your remover you should rinse off excess residue and it can take 2-3 times washing to really get all the oils out.  

REMOVER TIPS AND TRICKS: PLEASE USE C-22 or Super solv remover and as a added tip you can use 99% alcohol for the hard-to-remove bonds, or pure acetone just dab a Q-tip on your weftas you are removing, this will help with a faster removal process.