Seamless Pro Single-Sided Hair Extension Tape  1/2

Seamless Pro Single-Sided Hair Extension Tape 1/2" x 9" long (total 3 yards)

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You receive 12 strips per package 1/2" x 9" long (total 3 yards).

Our original Seamless Pro triple-stick adhesive has been crafted into a single side strip! So cutting has been made easy and no more pulling from a roll or curling up on the ends. Our SP-Single Side strips lay flat for ease of use. Our single-side tape is our original a matte tape that is made into strips, super soft not hard or scratchy and will look just like the hair you're using to make your extensions. 

This exciting new tape application is perfect for all of your single-side hair extension needs. This utilizes our triple-stick aggressive-holding hair extension tape; you can be assured this tape will not slip if you're using it as a backing for the sandwich method install. It's also great if you are applying it to a pre-made hair extension.

Seamless Pro triple-stick tape can change everything that has to do with making your own seamless hair weft extensions because now you can buy your own virgin hair or wefted hair to make your own seamless extension. 

No more just covering wefts with small tiny tabs: Our single-sided tape is now much easier to use because it lays flat, doesn't curl on the ends and you can now customize its length and width with ease! 

If you're making a seamless hair weft extension you must use our HairWeftingTape on one side, add Liquid Gold Bond A-Weave to the tape and over the hair, and then add our single-side tape on top, pressing them together to make a single-side hair weft extension. Free Tutorial available on how to make a hair weft extension can be found here. 

Important: when using any product we offer for sale, we ask you always do a skin test prior to installation.