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Really Love It Enterprise is the only Manufacturer of The Strongest Hair Wefting Tape on the Market Today.
We Sell Our Own Exclusive Specialty Hair Extension Tape. Proudly Made is the USA.




Question: I need to know which tape to buy for a long lasting stay. I have small sections of machine weft extensions I would like to place in my hair with the sandwich method.

Answer: For all your hair extension needs our HAIR WEFTING TAPE is perfect as it is strong for holding machine weft hair and it has a very long hold time.  And can be used to make a seamless hair weft extension.

Question: If someone exercises a lot using the tape in method with your brand of tape will it hold?

Answer: Yes, many love using our Hair Wefting Tape because of it strong holding ability. and our Long Lasting tape is second best hold time.

Question:  When doing a ( Take Down) of my extensions what product do you recommend to loosen the adhesive?

Answer: Update we now offer our own brand hair extension remover for a fast and safe tape or just LG glue removal, its call Seamless Pro Remover ..

Or if your stuck and have no removers you can always use virgin olive oil or use conditioners of your choice some girls just leave in conditioners for a while before even doing there take down then they rinse it out and some just warm up their hair using a spray bottle and then add your remover of your choice that is also warmed up first and rub it in and keep rubbing between your fingers and take a fine tooth comb and open the top of your weft and apply more remover like C-22 or super solv, C-22 is stronger and for some they like it better, while super solv is great but take a little longer for take down and is very gentle to your skin. You can use a Q-tip to add / dab the remover if you do not want it on all your hair using the pump method..

Tips and Tricks once your weft is out.

You can use vo5 or any clarifying shampoos that are clarifying shampoos that is without any shining or silicon’s, and then wash your hair a few times to get the oil out and then add ½ backing soda and ½ shampoo together as a past and that is the cheapest and fast way to clean your hair of oils out of your hair, do this a at least twice and then shampoo with your own choice of shampoo that has no keratins or any silicon’s in it, then you are ready to re-apply.

Question: And once the extension section is taken out do you just re-apply another price of tape over the other one and re apply in the hair.

Answer: Yes making sure your weft extension is very dry and without any silicon products.

Question: Is Liquid Gold Glue safe to use.  

We now have an up to date hair extension adhesive/glue and the technology formula is safe, fast, and easy to use. Liquid Gold contains no water or latex, does not smell like ammonia or formaldehyde, and does not pose an allergic reaction. This is why it works so much better than most other glues. It even dries clear, not BLACK or WHITE like the old hair glues do.

Question:   I have heard something about use glue on the tape?

Answer: Yes you can apply a good amount of Liquid Gold glue across your tape then apply it to the hair without doing a sandwich method and we feel this is a good way for a long term install without fear of any type of sliding or falling out. Even if you use shampoos or conditioners of your choice and you can even do your roots without fear of sliding out and yes you can add liquid gold glue to the tape to the hair not pressing to your scalp and it’s important to remember that you just have to go slow when doing your take down using the same technique for removal that we have recommended. This type of install is great for a weft that is a bit thicker than others so you do not have to do the sandwich method and it will lay flatter to your head so it a win for holding time and laying flat to your head and just a great install method altogether for those that like to work out swim or sunbath and or do their hair color a lot..

Question: I would like to use the same extension and re- apply new tape and re-apply my hair extension can I still use conditioners.

Answer: If you are doing the sandwich method its best to only use conditioners below your sandwiched wefts or if you are asking if you can condition your head before installing your tape its best to not condition where you are going to apply your sandwich wefts at all for a better holding install,

Again if you are going to use LG adhesives to the tape then yes you can condition your hair and then use the LG GLUE method and it will still hold for a long install.

Question: Will tape stick by just pressing to my hair.

Answer: Not many can do this type of install have it stay, so it’s best to always do the sandwich method or the Liquid gold glue to the weft to your hair method.

Question:  How long after my install do I have to wait to wash my hair.

Answer: Its best to wait at least 2 days before you wash your hair extensions.


Question: How many times can I wash my hair during a week.

Answer: It’s really up to you but the less you wash the better the hold if you did the sandwich method because it can loosen up your wefts the more you wash, but if you did the LG glue to your tape method then you can wash every other day and it will hold for a very long time.