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I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your tape!!! I have tried EVERY brand out there(including some from Home Depot) and yours blows...

12 Weeks and Still IN!!!

I have used numerous different tapes...and your tape is hands-down the best. I have never written a review for ANYTHING in my life...but I had to...

Best customer service ever

I just got off the phone with a wonderful helpful & knowledgeable lady, colette lovejoy:) she was so helpful and truly cared, She took her time...

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 Who wears hair extensions

  • Anyone who wants to change their look instantly
  • Anyone with very thin hair that wants to thicken & add volume to their hair
  • Anyone who has just received a really bad haircut and wants to cover it up
  • Anyone with medium to short hair that wants instant long hair
  • Anyone who doesn't want 100-250 tipped extensions in their hair
         Bulk hair is loose hair that comes in a pony tail & is used with many hair extension methods.
         Can be used to weft bulk hair (see our how-to video) 
        Great hold to use over a machine weft for a no-mess take down


Finally, a perfect tape made to be used with bulk hair so you can make your own thin wefts that lay flat on your head. These thin wefts will last as long as any machine wefted hair. It can look and feel just like a skin weft, for a fraction of the cost!


 Hair wefting tape was made for individuals who want to make their own piano colored wefts and the synthetic hair wearers. Hair wefting tape is a special double sided extended long wear tape with an aggressive hold on the inside that will hold bulk hair tight with no shedding as long as you follow the application direction video.
Our tape has been aggressively tested and manufactured as a skin safe, hypoallergenic tape. Its outside has a non-shine matte finish so nobody can see you're wearing a taped in weft. No more sticky fingers. No more acetone baths to try to get all the old tape off. No more globs of tape left on your hair. It's not just another hair tape, it is the best of all hair extension tapes made and tested for all taped in wefts. A perfect tape for all machine wefted hair. No more messy take downs. Just wash, dry, re-glue and go!
                                  IF YOU ARE BRAND NEW TO TAPED IN HAIR EXTENSIONS
How you do your installs will always be up to you, in this Dvd we show a few installs using liquid gold glue to the hair /scalp this is not mandatory it is only one of the many ways of wearing extensions, we were just showing how these customers like to wear there installs.
Liquid gold glue company and state you should always apply your glue to tape wefts at ¼ below
 the scalp line, this way it will only be on the hair not the scalp or skin.
As this is the safe and effective way of using the tape and glue together.
Also you should know the girls that do wear it this way say it lifts up off the hair and never stays for any longer than 4 washings, so they like it that way.
This was their choice on how they like there install method in the end installs will always be up to you and you will always have to find what works best for you.
 Here are a few Q & A that will help you get started.
These are real questions that have been asked and answered.
How long should I tell clients to wait before they wash their hair after install?
Two days is best, but if you are using glue to the tape then
1 day is fine. 
How should their hair be when they come in to see me
Dirty or freshly washed and dried? 
Dirty is fine and if they want to wash it they
can but you will end up spraying the remover on it
so you will be washing it again so its really up to them but it doesnt really matter.
Question –  Glue or sandwiching the hair.
If I don’t use the sandwich method ( tape/hair/tape ) will it still stay in by just laying it on the head and pressing ?
Everyone is different and it can stay that way for maybe 1 washing really for best results and long term hold
If your not using Liquid gold glue method that is shown in the dvd
Always do the Sandwich method –it is shown in the Dvd in tips
And tricks, and also you can find many different ways of sandwiching
The wefts by just going to YouTube, you can find many ways of applying your wefts, it just always will come down to what you like best and what works best for you..
Question-Will the tape stick by just pressing it on the hair ?
Because everyone is so different when it comes to normal hair -oily hair - non oily hair and dry hair
-will it stick--- maybe ?- maybe not ?some only get a few days
and maybe 1 washing before it comes out with out doing the sandwiching method or using the glue.
As we say in the video –You have to find what works best for you.
That means test it by trying a few wefts for a few days to see how it holds for you- try all three way with a small weft.
Here is the 411- on all hair tape or wig tape all hair extension tape will not be made to stay in for a really long time
without something like glue or sandwiching
Question-  Do I have to use a remover
You will have to use some type of remover and using the backing soda trick really is a great way to clean your hair from any removers or oils depending on what you use, But no matter what method you are using
just always go slow when doing a take down.
Question - Does using all the different methods you show on the dvd work equally well?
Answer-Yes -All the methods I show are what stylist and DIY are doing and have been doing for years now!  
Question - How do you like to cover your wefts 
Answer -I like my wefts covered but the hand tied weft on top.I also wear mine this way it works perfectly for me
and I love the hand tied because its so small and I love the extra hair it works great if you just want to cover the weft only and maybe add a different color for a lowlight or highlight.
Question - Will the hand tied weft stay in as long as the weft
Answer-Yes-Just make sure you use the LG glue to the hand tied while applying it
And it will stay no problem
 Also do you find that bigger pieces tend to come out easier than smaller?
or is it about the same?
Answer -It’s all the same pretty much –but I like larger wefts I feel they don’t flip around as much.
Can I do one clients hair with only one bag of machine wefted hair?
It always depends on your client and how much she needs ? or wants, this will be up to you but I would
 alway have more than less on hand because you can always add more later..
But I always say less is more when doing your hair extension installs because you want it to look as natural as possible.
When hair is wet after the tape is in (like when they first wash ) should they hold the tape while  drying there hair.
ANSWER-I wouldn’t worry to much if your using glue it won’t matter at all -but you dont want to keep your blow drier
on it for a long time just on the tape it would make it sticky to the touch.
Just blow dry as usual just as if your doing your own natural hair.
Again this is why I love the Liquid gold glue it dries fast and holds for months, you can wash every day or other if you want and your extensions will stay in and that’s even conditioning every time also.
Question- Can I let me hair air dry ? Answer Sure.
  Should my clients not wash hair in hot water with the tape in?
Hot water should not be a problem but I wouldnt soak in it for a long time –hot tubs and such.
But you can just always use cool water on your hair and tape it will stiffen up better for your blow dry.
Again if using LG glue you wont have a problem.
Have you ever done just single weft with glue and no tape?
Answer- Yes, but it doesn't hold as long  
Sorry again it’s always a finding /testing what works best for you.
I would always suggest testing out this method on yourself by adding a few wefts and or just a weft with just glue, wear it wash it condition it see how it feel to wear it yourself and do a take down so you know what your doing and how it feels this way you will feel better about applying to others if you’re a stylest and doing this for the first time.
Few more questions that were asked we thought we would add.
How long will the install last on Caucasian hair? 99% of my clients are Caucasian.
Most installs will last 6-8-10 weeks even longer, it just depends on the method they are doing and how much they wash there hair,
Most of them go to the gym they use blow dryers and got irons to duke their hair. Can this bonding glue with stand the treatment?
Yes this glue is pretty strong, girls here bleach and dye there hair and use flat irons blow dryers with no problems.
Is the glue sensitive to hair oils Like Moroccan oil which my clients Love, or conditioners?
You don’t want to put oils on your taped wefts but below it is fine, an if you do the glue to the tape method you can use conditionersbut once you do your installs tell them not to wash there hair for 2 days to let the glue –tapes dry, if your doing the sandwich method again they above answer applies..I myself like to do the glue to the tape method like I show in the dvd, just remember when you do a take down to go slow and it is very time consuming ... but if you do the sandwich method that is very quick when doing a take down ..
You can just add the remover and or oils right on the sandwiched weft then tap the weft with a flat iron and that weft will slide right
Have any clients ever reacted to the glue?
You should always do a skin test first, some have said feels like it burns a little or tingles but it dose go away after a few min, but instead of pressing it to the skin/ head just put the glued weft on the hair only about a finger below the part and try not to press it to the skin and this way you shouldn’t have any problems with it reacting to skin at all..
Can the same hair be re- used or do we need to make new wefted tape?
It always depends on the hair you use or by If your hair is great, then just trim the weft down when you do a take down and then re tape and re install, I wear my extensions for months before I ever throw it away...
I hope this helps the lady’s that are brand new to taped in hair extension.
If you have more questions there is a Q&A on the website
And you can always call or email for more help.
Colette Lovejoy
Phone: 1-(805) -518-1237
Fax: 1-845-468-7825
What is the difference between a machine weft and a hand tied weft?
Handtied wefts are made by tying strands of hair around a strong weaving thread. This process is done by hand and makes for a very thin weft machine weft, are made by sewing strands of hair together with a hair wefting
What is virgin hair?
Virgin hair is not processed in any way, it is 100% natural, so there is no damage to the cuticles. The cuticles protect the hair so it is important that they are intact. Our hair is hand selected to be soft and beautiful. A lot of care is taken so that all the cuticle remains in the same direction to prevent tangling. All of our virgin hair is Remy. The end result in soft, beautiful, long lasting hair with a lot of body. You will be 100% satisfied with our hair, guaranteed!
What is Remy cuticle hair?
Real Remy cuticle hair is the highest-grade human hair available and comes from one individual. The hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern. The hair is then cut and carefully sewn to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated. Our hair is genuine Remy cuticle hair.
What is single drawn Hair?
Every hair piece looks like a ponytail made of different lengths of hair. The very short hairs have been removed. For example, a hair piece of 16″ to 19″ inches of Remy quality and single drawn has hair lengths of 16, 17, 18, and 19 inches. All hair is in the same direction because it all came from the head of a single donor.
What is double drawn hair?
Every hair piece contains only hair of the same length. This procedure is done by hand, not by machine. For example, a hair piece of 20 inches of Remy quality and double drawn has hair lengths of 20 inches only. It contains no hair shorter than that. In non-Remy hair, all the hair is not in one direction. This kind of hair is used for manufacturing paint brushes or hair for dolls.
To get full coverage, you must wear at least 100 -200 or more tipped pieces with fusion.
Since wefts are much more dense, you can wear 1-6 pieces and get the same amount of volume
with a lot less work and stress on your hair.


No, not anymore. We now have an up to date hair glue technologies formula that is safe, fast, and easy to use.
Liquid Gold contains no water or latex, does not smell like ammonia or formaldehyde, and does not pose an allergic reaction. This is why it works so much better than most other glues.It even dries clear, not BLACK or WHITE like the old hair glues do.
It depends on the quality of the hair. A taped weft can last longer than the
hair itself if the hair is of poor quality.
Yes, some people only need 1 weft to provide volume.
Yes, you can cut your wefts into shorter widths and place them as desired.
How many times can I wash my hair per week?
If you have oily hair, you may need to wash daily.
Wefts may slip out if you have an oily scalp.
People with a dry scalp may be able to go every three days or more without washing.
Each person is different and you just have to see what works best for you.


Use clarifying shampoo and no conditioner right before applying your install.
It is always best to be prepared and organized before you start. Make sure you have plenty of time and have all the supplies needed.


Each persons body chemistry will react differently to tapes.
This tape was tested with joggers and no one complained about itching or stickyness.
Each person is different and it just comes down to personal choice.
I think using both together gives you a stronger, longer hold.
Our hair wefting tape is the #1 hair tape on the market today. It was designed just for us
to have a quick and easy, no mess take down. No messy residue.
My hair is really short. Will wefted hair work for me?
The shorter your hair is, the harder it is to blend. With wefts, it is best you have
at least 4 inches of your own hair on the top and sides to work with.Of course, longer than 4 inches is best.

Yes, this is natural. You will see that you will not shed much hair as long as you are wearing wefts.

When you do a take down, you will comb out your hair and see natural shedding and it is nothing to worry about.
For some people, corn rows work well. For others with thin/fine hair, the braids can pull too hard and you can get bald spots.
Most of the time this is close to the temple area. For those with thin/fine hair, tape and glue is better as it is supported all the way around weight wise. Also, you will not have bumps going around your head. With tape and glue, the wefts they lay very flat against your head.
It will take a few tries for any hair extension wearer to find the right tape, adhesive or combination that will work for them. Always be sure to test the adhesive or tape by placing a small amount behind your ear on the skin and wait 24 hours to be sure there is no negative reaction. Until there are scientific studies other than the years of woman already wearing these applications, use these products at our own risk.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION NOTE: The daily use of adhesives and solvents on the skin has never be been officially studied for any long term health risks. Even though they are medically skin safe tapes and adhesives, you should know that there is a small minority of people that are sensitive to the chemicals found in various adhesive products and solvents.
Why not just add corn rows instead of tape and/or glue?
Is shedding supposed to happen?
What is the best hair extension tape today?
Is using tape better than using glue alone?
Does tape make your scalp itch?
Do not lay them on top of each other.
If you want to add 2 to 3 machine cut wefts in one row, make sure to stagger your wefts so they lay flat against your head.
How do I put 2 to 3 wefts together in one of row tape?
in one wefted row.
Each person is different but you can sew or tape/glue 2 to 3 machine wefted cut pieces
How many pieces of cut machine wefted hair can I put in 1 row of tape?
Yes, as long as you are using tape with Liquid Gold glue, but you should not swim for a long periods of time as it can loosen your tape and glue. You don’t want to look back and see your weft floating away.
Can I swim with taped in extensions?
This way they will stay in longer and stay tighter to your head.
It is best to blow dry your hair right after you wash it, pressing on the tapes as you are drying them.
Is it ok to let my hair air dry with tape and/or glue installs?
It is best to keep the conditioners off of the tapes. Try washing below them.
There could be many reasons why your wefts won't stay. The most common being the oils in your own hair and if you are letting conditioners sit on the tapes while washing.
Why did my tapes slide out? Why won't my tape stick?
can make your take down process very pleasant and go much faster.
It is best to have your new pre-taped hair ready to be applied. This way it
Once you have done it a few times, it shouldn’t take more than 1 to 2 hours or less.
The time to remove will depend on the amount of wefts that were applied.
How long does it take to remove wefted hair extensions?
Wash your own hair and extension hair with warm water. Gently massage underneath and around your wefts. It is best to use cold water to rinse. This will not only be great for your own hair, but it will help with your tape not getting too hot and breaking down.
Washing you’re taped in hair extensions
Condition only the length of the hair and try to keep it off your taped/glued weft.
Most of the time conditioners are not a problem but for some people it can make their taped/glued weft slip out.
Will conditioners make my tape fall out?
Can I comb wet hair?
Yes, just make sure to hold your weft at the attachment and gently comb through, using a detangler if needed. Do not spray detanglers directly on your hair. Spray some in your hand and gently run it through your extension. This way it will not run down in your tape or glue.
Removal / Removers
There are many different removers on the market today and many ways to take down your glued/taped in wefts. Removers will work differently for each person. C-22 sprayed on or dabbed with a q-tip works great. Pure acetone, if dabbed with a cotton ball or q-tip on the weft is the number one remover used for take downs. 99% alcohol and olive oil can work as well. As long as you do it slowly and let the remover sit, your weft should lift gently from your head/hair. You definitely need to test different removers to see what works best for you.
Also taking your time during removal is very important.
Is a taped in weft bad for your real hair?
I have found that most people that do it properly have no damage and have had significant hair growth. But it is all about your placement and moving them around.
They should not come out until you remove them with your removers.
The wefts will start to lift off your scalp within a week and this is normal.
Is it normal for my weft to be stuck to my head ?
Yes. If you are using glue, your weft may stick to your scalp right after an install.
Can you use small strips of taped wefts instead of one long horseshoe weft?


Can I use one long weft ear to ear (horseshoe)?


How many times can you reuse a weft before replacing it?


Is it bad to use glue on your hair?


It is best to remove your wefts to comb out your own hair that sheds naturally and then reinstall.


If you need to do color touch ups, you will need to remove the wefts before hand.


4 to 6 weeks is a good amount of time for most people. Some can go as long as 8 weeks.


How long can you wear a weft install before you can remove it and reinstall?


What is the difference between fusion and weft installs?


What is hair wefting tape?


What does the term “bulk hair" mean?




Frequently Asked Questions about wearing wefted hair extensions.





How to make a no sew seamless hair weft