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Really Love It Enterprise is the only Manufacturer of The Strongest Hair Wefting Tape on the Market Today.
We Sell Our Own Exclusive Specialty Hair Extension Tape. Proudly Made is the USA.

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REVIEWS FOR HAIR WEFTING TAPE.COM  + ANSWERS 2016, because were always happy to help!


Product Review of Hair Wefting Tape: Daphne 2016

Love your products!! A returning customer here, and going to keep comming. I put my first installment, and loving it. Messed up here and there but I think I did good. Now I want to try to cut the weft off. But if I use ur sticks. Will that come off to when I take them down? Thank you!! 

Hello and thanks for the review! and if you use the strips on the outside of any weft it will not come off with remover it will stick to the wefting tape like crazy ..when re duing your extension just cut your weft down  and make your weft as flat as possible so it can be pretty much re made if you like, using the wefting tape and single side tape strips or rolls .. ok hope this helps, but you can always make your weft -hair extensions and do take downs for many months before making a new weft using your same hair you have been wearing. ok hope this helps have a great day!. Colette

Product Review of Hair Wefting Tape: ERICA  2016

Thank you so much for all your help! Best tape I've used for my tape extensions.  

Product Review of Hair Wefting Tape:    By Lauren-Date-September 26th- 25 - 2014

Thank you so much for your help and just taking the time to speak with me. You don't get that a lot nowadays so it's very refreshing to do business with someone who really loves what they do and cares about their customers. I can't wait to get started! And even more, I can't wait to be finished! I feel like this is the answer to my hair extension problem. 

New Product Review of Hair Wefting Tape:    By Shannon T  Date-April- 25 - 2014

I have been using ReallyLoveIt Hair Wefting Tape for four solid years, and I will never go back to another method. My installs are flat and virtually undetectable. Unlike other methods, these soft tapes are painless on the scalp. I forget they are there. Removal is quick and simple; I have never experienced any hair loss with this method like I did with previous methods. And yet, the hold can last longer than the grow-out life of an install!

Colette Lovejoy’s ReallyLoveIt DVDs and tutorials are excellent and easy to follow. Colette herself goes above and beyond for her customers. She has been a source of generous support and good advice throughout my hair loss/extension journey.

I started wearing weft extensions when I experienced some bad hormonal hair loss and partial alopecia after menopause at 40. Colette’s products and tutorials allowed me to take my life (and pocketbook) back, since I could now install my own hair. For four years, I have enjoyed the beautiful hair I always dreamed of. All that I get are compliments….the installs are so undetectable that even close friends do not know that it is not all mine.

I highly recommend ReallyLoveIt tape and tutorials for all women, whether you have hair issues or just want a little glamour. I recommend keeping two sets of hair in rotation, so that you can swap them out quickly, and prepare the second set for the next install at your leisure. Get the DVDs or downloads….they are filled with great tips to customize this method for your unique needs. I am a customer for life.

Shannon Teal 

Product Reviews by Anna A. date-Nov 11 - 2013  

Stronger than Super tape for sure! I love your products,

I really do- I am ordering more tomorrow- In fact,

I think I have written the website name to everyone I meet! Thanks Anna A

Product Reviews by  Tiaseer  date-Nov 8 - 2013  

Hi I just wanted to let you know I really like your product =) hairweftingtape, I  am an extension specialist and I mostly do weave and always thought tape in would never last as very long, but it seems your tapes are pretty strong and I have only been using it on my clients for 2 weeks but I have a feeling it will last really long time..and I just ordered more..and I wanted to write a review but I didnt know Ièm writing here  via email..=) 

Product Reviews by Kelly Bishop-date-Aug 25- 2012  

Hello there! This email is a review of the product Long Lasting Salon Bond  1/4" x 6 yards. I am a hair stylist in California and have been doing extensions for about 6 years. I am certified in 10 styles of bonding, taping, gluing, sewing, ect. I have used so many different kinds of skin wefting methods, systems, and would blow your mind. I was using a system that costs an insane amount of money that left a tackyness in the hair and wouldn't give my clients the hold I was looking for. I felt like there had to be something else out there. With a little investigation, I found this site. I ordered the Instructional Kit and waited anxiously for it's arrival. The day it came, I plugged in the DVD and learned a bunch of new tricks that i had never heard of. Your kit and tape is the BEST I have ever used. I use the Long Lasting tape even on my "tough on their hair" clients and they have never had a problem. This tape and your kit has helped me build a better extension clientele by giving me a product I 100% believe in. I would recommend this product to all stylists that are using a tape method, 5 stars all the way ***** Thank you again, Kelly

Product Reviews by Debbie A-date-Dec 3- 2013

Hi Colette,

I have been experimenting with your tape and it's the first time I can actually wash my hair and my extensions won't fall out every time!!

The tape is amazing and it is super residue, no sticky tape left on the hair or the weft to remove!!

Thank you for creating such a great product.

Best regards,


Product Reviews by Dawn-date-may 2- 2012  

just wanted to say thanks for your hair wefting tape it's the best I've used. better than proflex or super tape any day! very very little breakdown and with the c-22 remover you turned me onto they are extremely easy to remove. PLUS, they don't make my scalp itch like the other brands did. So.....thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Product Reviews by Seela-date-June 14 -2012  

Hi, I've been ordering your product( hair wefting tape ) for a little while now, and I have had AMAZING results! Just wanted to share some pics from our salon of some of the work we have done- all using BULK hair and making the wefts with your amazing product. FYI- the "rainbow ombre" girl likes to have hers removed and re-dyed every 5 weeks, the "wefts" are holding up much better than the hair! Thank you for your superior product.

Product Reviews by Dana 2012
This tape is the ultimate for weeks and weeks of hold! My weft stayed put for over 6 weeks. No more worries about pieces of thread showing through or coming loose. I love this tape.

I love it! I wore my hair extension about two months using this tape, could of went longer! The take down was very easy! NO MESSINESS! Came off nice and clean, and I just washed it and re installed like you said.

This hairweftingtape is by far the best I have ever used! Won't use anything else! Try it! you'll love it!
Thanks for coming out with such a great product!
Debbie :o)

Product Reviews by Donna  2012
got my tape and didnt know if I would really like it, but I have to say (ITS THE BEST TAPE EVER MADE!) Thanks so much for making a tape that stayes in my hair and dosen't fall out. I am so happy now and I will never use any other hair extension tape but hairweftingtape its the bomb.

Donna S.

Product Reviews by Cindy  2012
just wanted to tell you how long I have had my extensions in now, I can't believe it, its been over 43 days! wow I never thought I could ever wear a hair extension tape that long with out it sliding out or just lifting off, but I sure got my moneys worth in this last install,

Thanks so much.

Product Reviews by  2012

My first weft I lost length because it was bulk hair, the second weft I made was all wefted hair that I cut the weft off of. Much easier to deal with. My weft is probably 3 ounces of hair. It's been so long since I wore tapes, it feels funny! But I love how much hair I have on!! I couldn't get this thickness with strands, they would have to be everywhere!! I;ve got one row of hair....Here are photos:

Product Reviews by  2012

I go crazy and install way to much hair. The removal was clean and easy. I used acetone because I didn't want to risk any of the oily removers getting on to the wefts I wanted to keep.

Product Reviews by  2011
I recently went from sew-in's to tapes and I was kinda nervous too, but it was such a smooth transition, and really, once you see and feel how flat and light they are compared to the ropey feel of tracks, you will love it. It is worth the extra time for the install and takedown imo, they are just wonderful. Much less damaging too I think,in terms of traction alopecia, and breakage etc - I am a tape girl forever now .

Product Reviews by  2011

9 weeks, no lifting, no pulling, no shedding

Product Reviews by Audrey M: 2011

Because of the long length, I don't have to do much except wash and go. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. If we ever get to meet in person, I'm giving you a huge hug!

Product Reviews / by Debbie 2011
It really was quick and my wefts looked just like the ones in the video. I have had them in for 2 weeks and they are stuck tight, no lifting or slipping. I had to remove my lowest row in the back because I felt like I had too much hair in ... sometimes

About the weft: Making my own was perfect! You can make these any size and thickness you want!!!! Absolutly genius, and I'm not telling how!! You'll have to buy it to find out LOL. I would recommend the drawing cards, especially if you are dealing with bulk.


It holds great! And I love the fact that it's really un-detectable, theres no shine to it at all I used machine wefted hair and you couldn't tell, lays flat on your head!

Product Reviews by Amanda Overall:2010
I am a professional hairstylist, specializing in extension methods, and I can only say that this tape is AWESOME!!!! I have used it on a variety of clients and hair textures, from fine to coarse, and it always lasts for at least 8 weeks, even with daily shampooing! Because the wefts lay so flat,it's an excellent undetectable method to use on my clients with fine or thin hair, even clients with hair loss due to alopecia or chemo-therapy. THANK YOU for marketing product that really works!! It has changed the lives of so
many of my clients, and I just can't say enough good things about it...

Amanda W, Dallas, TX

Product Reviews by James Overall:2010
Hi :Its James from Canada again, I am liking your tape, now i need 5 more rolls and I want to try C-22!

Hairweftingtape Product Reviews by Debbie Overall:2010

Hi Colette,- from

I have been experimenting with your tape and it's the first time I can actually wash my hair and my extensions won't fall out every time!!

The tape is amazing and it is super residue, no sticky tape left on the hair or the weft to remove!!

Thank you for creating such a great product.

Best regards Debbie March 1-2010